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A Karr Motoring School

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New Car

Posted on March 18, 2013 at 1:58 AM Comments comments (130)
I collected my new car DS3 Citreon. Early days yet at the moment I'm very please with it.
I spent the evening going through the manual, only to find on Saturday morning that my new car didn't have the most of the extra features in the manual. But does have a speed limiter and cruise control, neither can be used on UK car test .
So far all my students have enjoyed driving it.

Changing Car

Posted on November 9, 2012 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (109)
I'm starting to look for a new car. My current faithfull Nissan Micra doesn't owe me anything having just completed 98000 miles, but it won't last forever and there signs now deteroration, I had to replace the battery today as it was the very first time in five years I got into the car and it wouldn't start.
I'm not sure which new car to buy. I would have a another Micra, but the manufacturers have bought out a new model and its reported not to be as good as the old.
My husband wants us to have a Mini. I'm sure that you students would like it, I'm sure it would be easy to drive like the Micra, but its very expensive to buy and you don't get much for your money. Also its very small, you can't get 1, let alone 2 suitcases in the boot. Another thing is high cost to maintain, you only get 45 miles to the gallon, Micra is 55 miles to gallon and petrol is on increase all the time. Certainly not likely to go down in price by huge amounts. My father has a Mini which has only done 60000 miles and it needs a new gear box!
The car I would like is Citron DS3. Its smart, a little bigger than the Micra, which means it has a boot that will hold 2 suitcases. Low running costs up 80 miles per gallon. Does anyone know any known faults on DS3 Citron?