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Summer Driving

Posted on May 22, 2013 at 8:34 PM Comments comments (43)
As summer approaches there aren't necessary the same hazards there are in winter, but there are hazards just the same.
There's no point saying to a Police officer you hit the cyclists off their bike because you couldn't see them because of the sun! I assure the Police officer will not be impress. So therefore a setting sun in your eyes while driving is a huge problem and not many drivers think to slow down because they can't see what's ahead because of the sun.
Another big hazard is after a long period of dry weather and it rains, can it can cause you skid as though you are on ice. This isn't necessary caused by aquaplaning, where there is a lot of water on the road and effectively your car  has lost contact with the road. This is why you have tread on your tyres. The excess water goes into the tread and is then pushed out as the wheel turns. The faster you go the less likely the tyres will be able to get rid of the water and your car will have a cushion of water between the road and the tyre. So car will be floating causing you to be unable to steer or brake. This might be only for a second and what drivers tend to do is turn the steering wheel rapidly from side to side and then get contact with the road with steering on, causing the car to go very quickly in the wrong direction.   
What you should with any surface water is slow down. If you feel that the steering wheel has gone light, immediately come off the gas and try to steer the car into the direction you need to go.
The problem of having a long period of dry weather and it rains is that the dust from the tyres hasn't washed away and has been building up. So therefore when it rains the tyre dust causes the road to become oily making slippery to drive on. Therefore you need to slow down while its wet to try stop you from skidding.

Cold weather

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 5:36 PM Comments comments (9)
Cold weather is on its way. Make sure your car windows are clear  of frost before driving off, including your side mirrors. It won't help you if you tell Police Officer after hitting a cyclist or a pedrestion, it was becasue you couldn't see.
Be aware of black ice on unsalted roads. Remember you can't see black ice, but a indication might be that you feel the steering wheel feels lighter to turn, which means you should keep your speed down. Over the years I've seen many cars overturned, usually in a ditch and through the hedge and in a field due to black Ice.
As the weather is colder, check the air in your tyres, you could find they might need topping up. Correct amount of air in the tyres will mean you will save on fuel cost as well.
Has anybody else have any useful tips aswell?