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War on the Roads

Posted on December 22, 2012 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (23)
Did anyone see TV  programme War on the Roads, regarding cyclists and motor vehicles  sharing the same space on the road how it often ended in conflict between the cyclists and the motor driver and the cyclist could often prove that the motor driver was in the wrong as they wearing camras recording any incidents.
I certainly teach my pupils to be very aware of cyclists, but cyclists don't always follow the rules of the road! As same as some motor drivers and if a cyclists does make a mistake it isn't a good enough reason to kill them for it.
Here are some tips to follow as motor driver:-
Think ahead
Motor drivers should always at 'T' junctions and  roundabouts, make sure they have look left and right as much as necessary but at least twice in both directions, as motorbikes and cyclists are harder to see.
Stay behind the cyclist when approaching a junction or a roundabout. and on the roundabout as you never really know what direction a cyclists is going. I've known cyclists to turn right at a roundabout from the outside of the roundabout.
Motor drivers should always give as much room as the would give a vehicles and give more space when its windy, when overtaking.
Always check your side mirrors before turning left or right, before moving out left and right. This a life saver check to make sure your not going to turn into a path of a cyclists.
Beaware as the programme pointed out that cyclists can now travel very easily up to 30mph, making sometimes very hard to see them especially when you are in slow moving traffic.
Here is some tips for cyclists:-
Cyclists should slow down in heavey traffic the same as motor drivers do, and think ahead, ask themselves can the motordriver see them?
Make sure they arn't following in the motordrivers blind spots.
Don't travel up the lefthandside or the righthand side when the motor vehicles are indicating left or right, because the drivers are going to turn at some point and they may have not seen you.
Has anybody else has any more tips?