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Cold weather

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 5:36 PM
Cold weather is on its way. Make sure your car windows are clear  of frost before driving off, including your side mirrors. It won't help you if you tell Police Officer after hitting a cyclist or a pedrestion, it was becasue you couldn't see.
Be aware of black ice on unsalted roads. Remember you can't see black ice, but a indication might be that you feel the steering wheel feels lighter to turn, which means you should keep your speed down. Over the years I've seen many cars overturned, usually in a ditch and through the hedge and in a field due to black Ice.
As the weather is colder, check the air in your tyres, you could find they might need topping up. Correct amount of air in the tyres will mean you will save on fuel cost as well.
Has anybody else have any useful tips aswell?

Categories: Weather